The artemis


Team Artemis offers the right UAS with the right team for Canada’s defence and security challenges in the North and abroad. With over 10 years of proven operational experience, the Artemis UAS fully meets the RCAF’s unique operational requirements, while offering superior capability, flexibility, lower risk and the latest sensor technologies.


All composite construction, enhancing service life, minimizing maintenance and maximizing performance capability.

Twin boom design enhancing solutions for antenna placement, increasing payload capacity and increasing the safety for ground crew from the propeller.

State-of-the-art vibrating skin anti-ice system to allow operations in continuous icing conditions.

Six wing hard points, two belly hard points and four boom hard points for the carriage of external stores, survival kits or additional payloads.

Belly fairing provides added security and stealth while conducting tactical missions.

ELTA 2022ES multi-mode radar providing excellent overland and maritime surveillance capability at extended stand-off ranges.

Unobstructed line-of-sight communications to provide direct support to land or maritime forces at significant stand-off distances.

SatCom system designed to meet the challenging requirements of Arctic security, as well as coalition operations abroad.

MX-20 EO/IR camera - Canadian made state-of-the-art solution, providing better performance than any system currently operating in Canada.

Detect and avoid radar to facilitate integration into the national airspace.