Benefits to


The best value for Canadians

Team Artemis offers an unmatched value proposition to Canada from aircraft assembly to mission integration to in-service support. The team will also count on local companies to provide many components of the system.


Assembly and mission suite integration will be verified through a series of flight tests performed in Canada. After delivery, in-service support activities will be conducted in Canada, including the maintenance and the supply chain management of the aircraft and avionics components. Team Artemis is composed of a number of Canadian partners including Airbus, Atco Frontec,  Lockheed Martin CDL Systems and Pratt & Whitney Canada.

High-tech jobs in Canada

As the integrator of the mission systems and the in-service support provider, Team Artemis will provide Canada with high-tech work in the fields of engineering and production, such as aeronautical, system, software and avionics engineering and technical work to install the mission suite system. In total, this will represent a significant number of long-lasting and high-tech jobs in Canada and, more importantly, the transfer of valuable technology necessary to make this program possible could result in export opportunities.

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